Vacuum Excavation


Vacuum excavation technology is low-impact and non-destructive.

At Augusta Industrial Services, we use vacuum excavation equipment that does what is called a “soft dig”. This is a non-mechanical and less invasive method of excavation that uses a blast of air or water to loosen soil and break up any large materials. We either call this air or hydro vacuum excavation depending on how the soil is broken down. We then use a vacuum hose to remove the debris from the hole and transfer it to a specially designed tank. Our team of experienced vacuum excavators, trucks, and equipment reduces the need for manual hand digging or abrasive excavation methods. Our team stays safe on the surface and doesn’t need to worry about puncturing a pipe when using vacuum excavation, which could result in the need for costly repairs.

Air or hydro vacuum excavation is most ideal in situations dealing with sewers and pipelines underground. By digging through the soil without damaging the existing underground lines, this ensures that the work is completed faster and accurately. We have the most advanced equipment and experienced team throughout Augusta, GA, Columbia, SC, and the entire CSRA. The best way to get things started and determine how much your vacuum excavation project will cost is to call Augusta Industrial Services today at 706.798.8437. In some cases, we can give you a quick estimate over the phone, but most of the time we need to put our eyes on the problem before determining a cost. However, that doesn’t slow down the process. There are several jobs that vacuum excavation works properly and effectively on: underground utility verification or daylighting, remote excavation, valve box and catch basin cleaning, utility line service terminations, and clearing environmental boring holes.

Safe digging.

Whether you are in Columbia, SC, or Augusta, GA, or anywhere in between you can keep costs down with Vacuum Excavation services. At Augusta Industrial Services damage prevention and reducing costs are our main goals!

Call in the pros.