Remote Visual Inspection

See what’s going on in small or hazardous spaces.

Whether you have piping systems, tubes, tanks, equipment or other areas you need inspected, Augusta Industrial Services can provide a Visual Inspection solution. By using the remote visual inspection, you can improve safety, finish faster, and decrease costs.

Remote Visual Inspection Overview:

  • Pipeline Inspection Crawler Systems for piping 4”- 60”
  • Push camera systems for 1” – 12”
  • Borescope for tubes as small as ½”
  • Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for inspections underwater such as rivers, ponds, and firewater tanks
  • Pole camera with 250’ zoom for quick view of sewer system, tanks inspections and other inaccessible areas
  • Jetscan used in combination with sewer jet to verify blockage, pipe condition or verification of new sewer construction cleanliness for turnover.
  • Drone services

We’ve got the equipment and experience to get it done.