Hydro Excavation

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Hydro excavation is a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.

Removing or moving soil with pressurized water

Hydro excavation is now the most preferred method of digging and uses a blast of water to loosen soil and break up large materials. At Civil Solutions, we have the latest in hydro excavation equipment to perform these “soft digs” to reduce – or even eliminate – the need for manual digging or other abrasive excavation methods.Our team and equipment are able to safely excavate around pipes and other equipment, reducing costly repairs and downtime. Hydro excavation is perfect for digging through the soil without damaging the existing underground sewer linesWe utilize advanced equipment and experienced team members throughout Augusta, GA, Columbia, SC, and the surrounding area. We can provide insight about your project over the phone, but need to get someone on location to determine an accurate quote.

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Balancing speed and efficiency with safety and reliability

Hydro excavation is fast and efficient. If your project requires deep and numerous test holes, then hydro excavation is the preferred method compared to air vacuum excavation because hydro excavation can handle a lot of soil and eliminates the need to dig by hand. A hydro excavation truck allows for a better production rate and fewer trips to the dumping sites.

Hydro excavation is safe and reliable. Not only for your utilities, but for our experienced team. Damages can delay projects, cause harm to workers and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our hydro excavation equipment provides quality data to reveal the exact location of utilities and is non-destructive.

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