High Velocity Sewer Cleaning

Designed for cleaning sanitary and storm sewers of varying diameters.

High Velocity Sewer Cleaning

These machines are designed for cleaning sanitary and storm sewers, conduits, culverts and drainpipes of varying diameters.

When cleaning a sewer line, the unit is placed directly over a manhole. The 500-ft, one inch, high-pressure hose is equipped with a special self-propelling, high-velocity jet nozzle which is fed directly into the sewer line or pipe. Special attachments known as "Root Cutters" can be attached to the sewer jet hose which cut through roots in a sewer system in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. Water up to 2,500 PSI at 65 gallons of water per minute (GPM) will thrust the nozzle up the sewer right through the clogged materials relieving the stoppage and washing back any loose debris to be removed. As the hose is withdrawn, the sewer is scoured clean by means of the rear jets in the nozzle that discharge a high velocity stream of water. This method is especially effective when used in combination with one of our Wet/Dry Vacuum trucks.

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