Automated Blasting

Automated/Hands-Free Water Blasting Tools

Automated/Hands-Free Water Blasting Tools

Automated Hands Free Cleaning of Heat Exchanger Tube IDS using single or multiple flex lances. Can be mounted In-place. Automated Hands Free Cleaning of Tube Bundle Faces.


• Removes High Pressure Hose from Operator's Hands
• Reduces or eliminates exposure to hazardous materials
• Reduces operator fatigue
• Minimizes the potential for heat stress resulting fewer and shorter breaks
• Operates with greater Precision, Speed and Safety
• Maximizes efficiency with consistent and thorough cleaning
• Can be remotely operated outside of the blast zone in many cases.
• Can be custom engineered for even the most challenging applications.

Automated Hands Free Cleaning of Tube IDS using rotating Rigid Lance for very hard deposits.

Automated Hose Feed for Tube, Pipe and Floor Drain Cleaning. Cleans at a pre determined consistent speed. The operator never touches the pressurized hose. Automated Hands Free Shotgun Cleaning. Can be inserted through Standard Tank Man-way.

3D Non-Entry Tank, Reactor, Boiler, and Vessel Cleaning. Eliminates the need for Confined Space Entry in many cases. Hydro Mower Floor and Grating Spin Jet with Vacuum Recovery. Eliminates over spray and flying debris.

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